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Eco-friendly Construction

At Momentum Builders we can build eco-friendly luxury and custom homes for LEED certification. Momentum Builders is indeed a LEED certified general contractor. We have successfully gone through the complex LEED certification process because we are committed to be an industry leader in green construction. Our training enables us to also do commercial renovations with LEED certification in mind.

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Building a LEED Home

The first thing that comes to mind is the benefit of clean living by having a home that is eco-friendly for the benefit of your health and overall wellness. Thanks to the right choice of building material and the manner in which the home is built, it ensures a higher air quality than standard homes. Building a LEED home also helps save energy and water usage.


LEED Certified Improvements

Commercial tenants are more and more interested in moving into a green building for the health of their employees but also as part of their company's ethics. Being a green building has become an important marketing selling point when looking for quality tenants in a commercial building. Going green is not just popular; it is the right thing to do!

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