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Smart Building

What is a Smart Building?

Smart building is the newest and fastest growing trend when building a new house or renovating a house or commercial building. The rapid advancement in technology has enabled us to simplify and organize our lives. A smart infrastructure automates many of the functions in your home via the use of mobile device and/or panel. From controlling the lights, alarm system, and door locking mechanism from your phone or tablet, to automating the temperature through the house, you will wonder how you survived with it. It is all about smart automation for daily tasks that you can do while seating on a couch or while you run errands outside the house.

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The Convenience of a

Smart Building

- On your way to the airport for a well-deserved vacation and forgot to turn off the heater? No problem. Reduce the heat thermostat from your phone's app.
- At your office and cannot recall if you set-up the security alarm? No problem. Alarm the doors and windows from your phone, tablet, or computer.
- Wanting to unlock the front door for a friend? No problem. Lock or unlock doors from anywhere.
- Time for dinner and want to pause the WIFI to get your children's attention? Good for you!

As you can see, having a smart home can simplify your life. This intelligent network of microcips, software, and sensors will be a tool you will come to depend on. It also adds great value when it is to resell or refinance your home.

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